Are you hungry to level up in your career, but not sure of next steps?

Are you longing to form deeper connections with other women in the industry?

Looking for ways to be of service and give back to your Twin Cities film community?

Then the MN WIFT Mentorship Program is for YOU!

The program matches pairs of like-minded mentors & mentees for a 4-month duration, creating a safe container in which to learn from one another and form lasting bonds. Through the program, mentors and mentees can empower and learn from each other to develop our creative voices, share resources and ideas, build industry professionalism, expand our skill sets, orient our career paths, and nurture strong bonds. Together, we’re a strength, a voice, a force!


  • A fulfillment of the MN WIFT mission to ENGAGE, EMPOWER, and EDUCATE.

  • An opportunity to connect with other MN WIFT members in a safe, compassionate environment.

  • A means to share wisdom, strengthen the fabric of our industry network, and dream together.


  • A job or internship opportunity

  • An opportunity for free labor, training, or coaching program

  • A therapy session. Do not expect your mentor to solve all your problems, and do not attempt to fix everything for your mentee!

Program Duration & Commitment:

January 16th - May 16th, 2024

Mentors and Mentees agree to connect at least twice per month for 4 months.

Mentors and Mentees will decide together on a meeting structure and format that best suits their schedules, e.g. meeting dates/times, virtual/in-person, etc.


MN WIFT members may apply as a mentor or a mentee - or both!

Applications for the 2024 Cohort are now closed.


What if I can’t commit to all 4 months?

Then please consider reapplying when you can make the commitment.

What if program members are not able to attend the orientation?

Orientation is mandatory to ensure a safe and positive experience for all participants, and mentor/mentee pairings will be announced during the event.

What if I don’t like my mentor/mentee?

We will try to pair you with a different mentor/mentee if possible. Otherwise, we can defer your participation for next year.

What is the cost?

Free, because you are a member - and this is a members-only program.

Can I reapply if I participated last year?

Yes, but priority is given to people who have not been able to participate before.

I am not currently a MN WIFT member. Can I join MN WIFT in order to participate?

Yes! Fill out both applications and make a note in the comments section that you are joining to participate in the mentorship program. Apply for membership HERE.

I have a question that I don’t see answered here. Who can I contact?

Please reach out to and we’ll help figure out a solution!


Whether you are a Mentor or a Mentee or both, the MN WIFT Mentorship Program is an opportunity for members to connect and lift each other up with a spirit of generosity and strength.

The following Code of Conduct defines the behaviors and roles expected of participants in the MN WIFT Mentorship Program.

  • Both the Mentor and Mentee agree that this Program is not an internship or job.

  • The Mentor and Mentee agree to establish a mutually agreed-upon structure and format for their meetings; this includes the number of meetings, days/times of meetings, and where/how the meetings will take place.

    • Mentors and Mentees agree to connect at least twice per month.

  • The Mentor and Mentee acknowledge that their partnership is unique and that there are a variety of different approaches to Mentoring.

  • The Mentee is responsible for managing their own learning, identifying and achieving goals, and using the Mentor as a support for this learning.

  • The Mentee should respect the Mentor as a support to their development, taking into consideration the Mentor’s personal experiences, work-related knowledge, and the fact that the Mentor is a volunteer in the program.

  • The Mentee demonstrates respect for the variety of different approaches to Mentoring and other individual mentoring methods.

  • It is the primary responsibility of the Mentor to provide support to the Mentees in their personal and career development.

  • The Mentor will use their personal experience and knowledge to meet the needs of the Mentee while suggesting additional references or resources where they may not have relevant knowledge or experience.

  • Mentors and Mentees should maintain confidentiality through the program as well as once the program has ended, excepting, however, that Mentors and Mentees may report any breach of this Code of Conduct to the MN WIFT Programs Chair.

  • Mentors and Mentees will respect personal boundaries to ensure preserved privacy and promote a healthy balance in the relationship.

If at any point a Mentor or Mentee violates the basic terms of the MN WIFT Mentorship Code of Conduct, they will be removed from the program and will thereafter be ineligible for any future participation in the MN WIFT Mentorship Program.

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